About Us

Who We Are

Doctors Alberto and Durnes Guzman founded Rapha Health Network International in 2005. Rapha is a Hebrew word which means God the healer.
They have spent years researching the purest raw materials to create the most beneficial formulas that allow the body and mind to work at peak performance.
Rapha Health Network has offices in Miami, Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Venezuela. Our team is composed of several professionals in the medical field from a wide array of countries. Rapha Health Network International is also affiliated with Rapha Health Anti-Aging Institute, whose founder is Dr. Cris Henriquez, a cardiologist from the University of Miami who is the mentor of Dr. Alberto Guzman.


Rapha Health Network International guarantees all of our products are crafted with consistent formulas and flavors. All of our products are made to order; products may have inherent differences in color and pattern because of variations caused by the raw materials used.


To become a world-class recognized company in the development of innovative products for the physical wellness industry, while also achieving solid financial and integral growth for all stakeholders.


Our Team

Alberto Guzman

Dr. Alberto Guzmán

Founder - CEO

Dr. Durnes Guzmán

Founder - COO

Ana Guzmán

Sales Director

We ship around World.

We ship your order directly to your door within the US Continental Territory. Let us be of assistance in your international orders by coordinating with the shipping carrier of your choice.

100% Organic

Organic and truly natural ingredients are less likely to cause an allergic reaction, or irritation and/or inflammation of the organs and skin.

Exclusive Formulas

We utilize an extensive, proprietary testing protocol to guarantee the purity of all of our raw materials and ingredients.

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