What is Defense Up?

Supplementation with Bioactive proteins, like immunoglobins, can help to balance the immune system. Bovine immunoglobulins, in particular bovine IgG, have been studied for decades for their potential beneficial effects on the body. Immunoglobulins (also known as antibodies) are the body’s primary means of defending the body in the oral cavity and gut. In the past, supplementation of immunoglobin has not been available because of high costs and lack of technology. New processing and sourcing technologies have now made oral supplementation viable.
Many studies have found neutralization activity of immunoglobins on toxins and bacteria.
In one study, children with rotavirus received oral colostral immunoglobulins. After supplementation, anti-rotaviral immunoglobulin activity could be detected in their stools. This data indicates that these immunoglobins can survive passage through the GI tract and retain functionality. Another study found that bovine colostrum samples contained antibodies that cross reacted against the following allergens: rye-grass pollen, house dust mites, Aspergillus mold and wheat proteins. Research has also shown that oral supplementation of immunoglobulin remains in the gut.
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Our Defense Up formula can be a powerful ally for times of stress, travel and constant exposure to public situations. It is a powerful combination of Immunoglobins and immune system builders.
Each Capsule of Defense Up Contains:
450 mg of InmunoLinR
400 mg of total protein
180 mg of inmunoglobulin G2 (IgG concentrarte)
13.5 mg of inmunoglobulin ( IgAconcéntrate)
13.5 mg of inmunoglobulin M (IgM concentrate)
13.5 MG deinmunoglobulin E (IgE concentrate), 13.5 mg of inmunoglobulin D (IgD concentrate),45MG AlburainfrombovineSerum
33.75 mg of transferrin/Lactoferrin
14.85 mg of Cysteine
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